Reckless drivers

Left for work yesterday morning and saw a van (similar to the caravan) all suped up and heavily tinted windows driving like a jerk.  He cut off a construction dump truck just to get into a turn lane when he could’ve waited to switch lane, giving the driver some warning before being cut-off.  He also did NOT signal and was gunning it – just to hit a red light…

Ohhhhh… he’s so cool in that VAN… NOT.



“Bus Traps”

On my daily commute to work, I have witnessed a weekly regularity of stupidity… of cars stuck in the “bus trap.”  There is a big ass sign posted with an image of a car stuck in the trap and people still try to use this “bus trap.”  I need to make a video/slideshow of this.


Sad – Amanda Todd

*Copy & paste into a browser*
How tragic that Amanda’s only solution to her nightmare is to kill herself.

So what if she flashed her boobs online? Or if she slept with a guy who had a girlfriend? Did anyone not think about the girls flashing strangers on “Girls gone wild???” Or the people cheating on their spouses??  Like that doesn’t happen everyday…  She didn’t have to die for making a couple of mistakes while growing up.  We ALL made small stupid mistakes but that doesn’t make it alright for people to wish that you’d die… How cruel is it to have people wished that you’d die.  I would only wish that on people who ACTUALLY deserves it – child abusers, molesters, and rapists.

No one is perfect.

I hope these kids sleep well at night knowing that they’ve contributed to this heartbreak.

My response to this tragedy is… Karma is a bitch.

I watched her YouTube video (twice) and had to leave my work desk due to my tears… It was so sad and touching…  Just couldn’t believe my eyes…

RIP Amanda Todd